Lark Ballarat Store Opening

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One of Australia’s independent design store success stories Lark, is opening its doors at 30 Armstrong Street North in Ballarat on Friday 14th November, amazingly just in time for Christmas.

Lark was founded in Daylesford in 2006 by UK expat Allison Jones and her Bendigo-born husband Paul Matthews. Opening in sunny Ballarafornia has been on the agenda since the family moved into town two years ago with their young sons. Allison says “we love living in Ballarat, it is a great place to bring up a family. We’ve been interested in moving our store to Ballarat for some time now, and we believe Armstrong Street Is a great location, near to the many other new shops and cafés that are starting to pop up in town”.

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On the Golden Couch with Travis Price

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Whilst panning the BallaFornian shores for the finest in local golden humans, I have discovered a rich vein of fabulous folk! This is the first in a series of chats with Ballarat’s, and surrounding areas, best and brightest peeps…

Our inaugural BallaFornian to be grilled on the Golden Couch, first came to my attention when I was perusing the products of the Doveton Street Purveyors of fine Children’s clothes and toys, Pencilmark Lane. Read More

BallaFornian Mascot and Call for Fascinating Folks

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BallaFornian Man
BallaFornia’s scribes will soon be digging for human gold, as they search for Ballarat’s most fascinating folk.

We will be talking to artists, musicians, dancers, tattooists, owners of interesting businesses, scientists, educators – anybody that makes Ballarat and surrounding areas Balla-rilliant … OK, we need to workshop that adjective a bit more.

If you know of anybody we should interview, please get in contact.

Meanwhile, we whipped up this handsome, gold-diggin’ dandy, and are thinking of using him as our mascot. What should we name him?